18-20 April 2018 | University of Edinburgh

The local organizing committee for ECSWR 2018 is committed to making the conference accessible for all. Our venues have detailed accessibility guides for users to be able to familiarize themselves with the different venues to ensure that they are as prepared as can be and able to make the most of the conference. The guides below expand into sets of information about the rooms used for sessions.

All plenary sessions will take place in George Square Lecture Theatre. More information about accessibility for this venue can be found on this link.

Registration and poster sessions take place in the Appleton Tower concourse. More information about this venue can be found on this link.

All parallel sessions take place in Appleton Tower, 50 George Square and David Hume Tower (the latter can be accessed through 50 George Square).

The reception will take place in the Playfair Library Hall, Old College. To get to the Old College from George Square Lecture Theatre, participants would be encouraged to walk the 5-8 minute way across the pedestrianized campus. If this is a problem, please speak to one of the conference assistants for advice on how to book a taxi. At the venue, the main entrance includes some steps up to the front door, but there is a lift inside the building. There is a step-free entrance to the side – if this is your preference please ensure that you chat to one of the conference assistants prior to the event so we can be there to help you out!