18-20 April 2018 | University of Edinburgh

We will end our first day together with a reception in the University of Edinburgh’s stunning Playfair Library Hall. The Playfair Library Hall is located on the first floor of Old College, the main administrative site for the University of Edinburgh. Although the site has been used by the University of Edinburgh since its inception in 1583, the Old College construction was nly started in the late 1700s by the architect Robert Adam, and later completed in 1819-1827 by the architect William Playfair, who the library hall is named after. The vaulted ceiling is one of Playfair’s signature designs. The hall functioned as a library for the University for around 140 years (and famous alumni such as Charles Darwin, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Louis Stevenson may well have studied here), until the 1960s when the Main Library at George Square (next to the George Square Lecture Theatre) was opened.

The library is truly an architectural masterpiece, and one of the grandest interiors in Scotland. These days, the library is used for events, ceremonies and student examinations. In fact, shortly after the ECSWR reception, the library will be filled with desks and chairs, ready for examinations to commence in early May.

Read more about the Old College and the Playfair Library Hall here.

Book Launches

The dissemination of knowledge and ideas is at the heart of ESWRA. We are delighted, therefore, to launch two book projects at the opening reception. The first project is a new book series, 'Research in Social Work', published by Policy Press, University of Bristol, in association with the European Social Work Research Association. The series editors are Ian Shaw, University of York and John Gal, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. The first book in this series, Research and the Social Work Picture (ISBN 978-1447338895) is written by Ian Shaw.

The second book project to be launched at the conference is an edited book by Viviene Cree, University of Edinburgh and Mark Smith, University of Dundee. Social Work in a Changing Scotland (ISBN 978-1138295032) is published by Routledge and includes chapters on Scottish social work across a wide range of topics and domains, written by academics and practitioners based in Scotland.

Copies of both books will be available at the conference.