18-20 April 2018 | University of Edinburgh

Hosted by Arts-Based Research in Social Work

The broad hermeneutic base of arts expression that includes symbols and metaphors becomes a space to excavate silenced and culturally diverse languages, and to enable constant reconstruction and transformation as well as negotiation of meanings to co-create knowledge in new ways. Arts connect inherently between micro and macro levels of experience, capturing "person-in-context " through the compositional relationship between figure and background that is at the base of all arts 

This Sig will teach methods of using arts in social work research, provide relevant literature, and provide a research support group for ongoing projects of participants. 

Firstly, it will demonstrate relevant research methods that use arts as Method-Subject, or End product of research. Secondly, it will provide a hands-on supervisory support group where all participants will share their research projects and gain feedback and relevant literature and tips to support each other’s projects and to initiate joint research.

From our former SIG we now have a book on arts in social work that is coming out, published by Routledge, and a special edition on arts in the Social Dialogue International Social Work forum.  We hope to use this SIG to further additional collaborative projects.

We will ask all participants to send in a statement of interest or research – in progress or idea, as well as relevant literature before the SIG so as to create an interactive learning group:

The conveners of the SIG - will prepare a syllabus of articles and books relevant to the field that will be sent to the participants to read before the meeting.

Date and time: 18 April 2018, 12.45-15.30; George Square Campus, room to be confirmed