18-20 April 2018 | University of Edinburgh



**Notification of submissions will be sent to authors at the end of November 2017**


You are invited to submit abstracts for presentations of one of four types:


An individual or small group presentation grouped in parallel sessions with comparable papers. If applying for an oral paper presentation please submit an abstract of 500 words or less.


An individual or small group presentation placed on a portable wall accompanied by the author(s). If applying for a poster presentation please submit an abstract of 500 words or less.


A self-organized seminar of three or more papers on the same topic to be presented in the same session and relevant for the conference theme.

If applying for a symposium, please submit an overall abstract of 500 words or less describing the symposium theme and its importance, along with an abstract of 300 words or less for each symposium paper.

When submitting your papers for a symposium in ExOrdo, one person should login and add her-/himself as Author 1 and the other participants in the symposium as Author 2, 3 etc.

In the field ‘Title and abstract’ please type the title for the symposium and the overall abstract of 500 words or less first. Then please upload a pdf or Word document with the symposium papers as follows: Paper 1: Title. Abstract of 300 words or less. Paper 2: Title. Abstract of 300 words or less. Etc. 

Preference will be given to symposia that demonstrate cohesiveness across presentations. Symposia will be accepted or rejected in total.


A self-organized seminar of few presentations relevant to the conference theme. Workshops are intended to be thoroughly interactive with considerable participation and discussion from those attending. Workshops may have an explicit agenda of training participants on a given topic, or of generating an interest group or a network for future collaboration. If applying for a workshop, please submit an abstract of 500 words or less including a description of the content and how it will be covered (pedagogical methods, etc.).



The following guidelines for any kind of paper are advisory. If you think there are good reasons to amend them, please feel free to do so.

 If your abstract is for a presentation based on one or more empirical research projects, it could be submitted to include the following:

  • Background and purpose: description of the problem, study objectives, research question(s) and/or hypotheses
  • Methods: study design, including a description of participants and selection strategies, data collection procedures, measures, and approaches to analysis
  • Results: specific results in summary form
  • Conclusions and implications: description of the main outcome(s) of the study and implications for practice, policy, or further research.

If your abstract is for presentation which is not based on primary empirical research, it could include the following:

  • Background and purpose of the proposed presentation
  • A summary of the main points of the presentation
  • How the proposed presentation addresses one or more of the conference aims and themes
  • Conclusions from and implications of your presentation for practice, policy, or subsequent research.



All abstracts must be relevant to the conference theme and/or subthemes and are to be submitted using abstract management system, ExOrdo.

Please note that all abstracts are to be submitted online, which will be accessible from 12 July 2017. After extending the deadline due to a few individuals experiencing technical difficulties, submission of abstracts will be accepted until 22 October 2017.

To access the submission system, click on the ‘Abstract Submission’ button located top right.

Following the link you will be asked to create an account from which you will login in and be directed through the submission process. Ex Ordo is very easy to use! Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by an international panel.
Decisions (one of Accepted, Rejected, Reserve list) will be notified by 30 November, 2017 to the authors’ e-mail address. 

Please note that authors may submit a maximum of three abstracts as follows: one abstract of which they are the main author and two abstracts of which they are a co-author.

Should you experience any difficulties with the online submission system, please email eswra.18@ed.ac.uk  for advice, attaching your abstract